Oil…..Why it won’t change, and how it can be better

The fixation on the Global warming, rising seas and other forthcoming doom, has become a worldly topic, Mostly through the Documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”, created by Al Gore a former Vice President in the Clinton administration, It is a credible account of the way we abuse our home, but most of the information has been lying around for decades in one form or another, Mr Gore just collected the facts and put a spin on the situation to create a proposition that the world is changing and not to the good.

Humankind are very selfish in the way we abuse our god given right of using the found resources for our own uses, It was fine in a world of maybe 300 million people, But now our species is reaching the four billion mark, the resources are now very quickly being stretched and consumed in ever quicker increasing volumes and if Mr Gore or debate can make us stop and realise that, then that is not a bad thing, we do though as soon as the minor inconvenice goes away go back to our bad habits, quickly out goes the “green way” of doing things and why not trade up to that 4wheel drive monster that will be the envy of the neighbours, “Hey we can afford to pay” the 10mpg it shovels down, why suffer a vehicle that can go 6 times as far on the same amount of fuel and distance, It goes on until the next fuel price hike or environmental scare, Our mostly until the media has returned full circle and articles and programs of doom can sell papers or put ratings up, this is the reaction to Mr Gore’s latest crusade, and it is a worthy one, but for only a media self interest, and when even this hypebole has been consumed everything will return to the same, Mr Gore will be out of public favour , and as mad as hell, as nothing will change…again.

…And I will tell you why?

The major problem is money, not oil, and governments are hooked on the stuff, Tax everything that moves is a mantra they live by, but Oil, boy oh boy is the biggest and the best way to fund anything you want to do, a new hospital, Oil can pay for it!,.. a new town plan, yes please,.. subsides for farmers, no problem, want to fund an army to fight for your rights, a navy, anything you want, oil will fund any politician’s dream, we demand better services, to deliver they have a way to fund it, problem is they are caught in the money trap.

Oil is so heavily taxed and everyone top down relies on its income so much nothing will change, ever!
when the price at the pump goes up the man from the treasury comes on the news and wags his fingers at the petroleum companies, complains to the service centre operators that “How could they do such a thing to consumers”, they rant and rave and say “there will be an inquiry into such poor practices”, Then they go back to their desks, pull out their calculators and work out the windfall coming to help the surplus at the next budget, you can almost feel their glee….money, Money for nothing…..wheee, 4Wheel drive, Why not, 10mpg, wonderful, let the good times roll, nothing and I mean nothing beats Oil for funding, It solves everything……..do they want to listen to Mr Gore, Climate change, rising seas, hell it’ll never happen, such forecasters and scientists have jumped up and waved their little graphs for years, nothing’s happened, nothing…..why change? this is wonderful, lets keep the good times rolling, why tipple the barrow, lets keep everyone happy…

We are just as bad, we demand good hospital care, good roads, a modern lifestyle, if our politician’s don’t deliver we kick them out and put in someone who will pay for it, yes we do pay for it by the pump, road tax, new car tax, and loads of other tittle tattle taxes put on the personal transport we need and require, would we go backwards and just ride bikes or walk to save the planet, hell no…so it continues, we need, they take, nothing changes, and how far would a government also go not to change the status quo?

Electric car, kill that, hydrogen no way….we need more money, invade a country that has Oil?,…or protect a country that has reserves for us, its funny that money becomes available to do everything, except save oil or use less of it.

So who do we blame?,  we are to blame, but governments more so, in building infrastructure so geared up around taxation of oil they have literally put themselves and us over the barrel (sorry about that), and to create a taxation mentality so focused on hoarding so much capital they are ruining us, and the planet, putting us on a road to major issues and sudden collapse of major infrastucture, If Mr Gore wants to change the climate he has to think in this direction and not just in environmental issues.

It will be very brave politician that would look at changes in his government on reducing his country’s dependence on Oil taxation, however, if someone does not stand up and face this growing crisis then the human race will have a problem it will never be able to resolve, I am not into scare mongering, but just stating the facts as I see them

Is there answers, I hope so and will put a few ideas on the table in the next article


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