What now…a new world order

As Barack Obama is elevated to the cause of the Democratic Party’s endorsement for President, It makes you wonder how it came to this situation of how a country could get so much wrong, and can anything be salvaged from such stupidity, yes a new term with a new administration can create a feeling of change and a blanket to cover the mess, but how much does America need in self-analysis now, the one thing it seems very good at, in looking back and wondering why or how or debating its roles in its own self reflection, just as it did in the eighties after Vietnam, Its just that which is the biggest delusion, how can such a large population get itself so blindly misguided, and make such a blunder in history that it may never recover from, I’m not here to be Anti-American, but try to understand in this modern age, with such modern communications and awareness of news and instant information get so behind in letting things go so far out of context.
The first thing that is hard to understand, is that after such decades of global situations, and with so much known of why did we do that or undertake certain actions of political or global policies, that the Bush Administration made such a catastrophic decision to invade Iraq, Vietnam was a major mistake and America payed a permanent cost in lives, reputation & monetary costs that it just does the exactly same thing again, why did it do that, why blindly follow an so called neo-con administration to hell and then think , “Oh that was so dumb”, why change tactics of finishing off a war in Afghanistan, instead of moving essential forces that could have finished the situation of finding radical terrorists that have created an unstable worldly situation in less than a year, to having a double front of conflict, that has decimated one of the largest armies in the world, to bring down a tyrant that had nowhere to run, no money, and was on his last years of his political life and beyond belief is the fact that they re-elected a President knowing that it was a major mistake, If fact he wasn’t supposed to be elected in the first place, just a stupid election system that allows only the people who will vote…can, and others who want to, that can not, its not democracy, its manipulation

Public opinion has forced out United Kingdom’s Tony Blair and Australia’s “Mr I’m living in the 50’s and all the way with LBJ”, John Howard, not that the British or Australian public wanted to go to war in the first place, yes they wanted the religious radicals to be taken into account for September 11, but not a religious crusade, both countries marched to show their disapproval on the issue, but their governments overruled their protests, believed that if they kept in with the Bush administration they would still get favourable trade deals of trading and paying American companies to take money out of their own economies, meanwhile America did nothing and went to the movies.
Americans are intelligent people, so why did this stupidity happen, why was it allowed to happen, and why has the rest of the world been made to pay the price of such stupidity, And now for the next ten years the same self analysis will start all over again, the very people who should have stood up and said “This is dumb”, will bring out books and movies, write articles on where it all went wrong, thinking it will be all alright again, and next year Mr Obama, will try to put the mess out of the public’s immediate eye and say, “we will prevail, America is a great country, we are great”, yes they are great, but only in allowing such colossal mistakes to happen when they should not, and unfortunately America will not find it easy this time to just shrug its shoulders and carry on if it owes the world a favor, just live in its own rhetoric because the world has moved on and America has not, and the source of such stupidity is found here, Americans live in their own fantasy world, cosseted in power and that their way is the only way to righteousness, too much self belief in patriotism and religious favor, has led them to be manipulated, but a bigger problem is the country is way behind the rest of the world, it tries to make you fit to their antiquated systems, a country of gallons, fahrenheit, and miles even after the country that invented such terms have gone decimal, calls items after products or companies, like Xerox for a photocopier machine, cell for a mobile phone, and will punish you for calling it the incorrect name, The brilliant iPhone, Apple Computer’s wonder gadget, couldn’t be released to the rest of the world for over a later year because the American phone system is so outdated, it just wouldn’t work on the fast 3G networks standard in most other countries, and here is America’s major problem, will they ever accept that other ways of doing things could be better than theirs, accept the not invented here mentality of using a better product or fight it to death at their own ignorance and arrogance, Concorde was destroyed with such mentality, now it is being used against Airbus and their A380 Super Jumbo Aircraft, derailing at every opportunity to ruin the manufacturers chance to give the traveling public a better product, and denying their own population a chance to move forward and decrease the overwhelming chaos that occurs at major airport hubs because of overcrowding, Asia is not so stupid, 80% of these giant machines will fly on Asian routes, growing moving forward, something America was very good at….once.

Other countries now realise that to centralise their financial bases in America is a bad dangerous thing to do, so money will slowly flow out to Dubai, Delhi, Shanghai and other new emerging financial growth centres and not have to hand over huge profits to American dealers for nothing in return, America still has huge financial muscle, but self absorption, over confidence in their own superiority, and to find out slowly that most of the rest of the world having moved on, on finding that these foreign interests just don’t care or need their brands or unfavorable deals they demand anymore.
This will Barack’s biggest challenge, to change America’s attitude to be a partner in the world and not think they run it, Asia, the Middle East and Europe know they don’t need America’s attitude and most of all its forceful way in doing what it wants them to do, the hawk mentality has done this country serious damage, even strategic countries that always aligned themselves with American business and political policies are wary of again following blindly into conflicts or business deals aligned to American interests, why would you when you can deal directly and get a better deal, Middle Eastern and Indian business interests are taking control of huge markets, that are wary of American interests just coming in and absorbing exciting emerging markets that are extremely valuable to them globally, and will defend their markets ever more strongly than they have done in the past, in fact, it is becoming the situation, where it is America that is on the back foot, Their self absorption is that they are slowly realising they are totally out of step with the rest of the global trends, China’s reconstruction has been at a such a ferocious rate, not just there but most of Asia and the Middle East are doing things that has America bewildered on its progress, while they are stuck in a meaningless war, and constantly barricade themselves more and more inside their own borders.
They forget that 9/11 happened because they took no notice of the worlds problems, that Bin-Laden and his friends decided to bring them into the reality of the real world’s problems from which Americans have still not learn’t nothing, but to simply overreact and fire missiles and bullets anyone who could be guilty, but still more of their brand of self absorption, self pity, and what have we done to you sort of ignorance, when pushing policies demanding their right of way, damage to other economies, and do as we say and not do as we do sort of attitude.

Barack Obama, may get the American Dream, but the same rhetoric that can get him elected to office will not be enough to convince other parts of the world that we want the American way again, we won’t buy it, we don’t need to, we are doing very well thank you very much, he is better using his power to change attitudes and help his people in his own country, making them more efficient, healthy and reducing the shear waste of an overconsumption society and to join the rest of the world that have been trying to do so for decades, because America has still so much to offer, and in doing so will reduce the tension generated in the world, people will fight hawkish overbearing behaviour, but will welcome friends, everyone has a right to respect another culture, it my not totally agree with there ideology, but every country has a right to feed and house its people and believe in a faith, their traditions, their history, without an other country saying its wrong or right, America can not hold nuclear weapons at the ready to strike anyone they want to and expect Iran, China or Russia to just sit there and say, “If you can then why can’t we”, its a double standard, and these issues are America’s future, the past is the past, the warnings have been taken, this is a pivotal point in history.

If Barack Obama can over come such attitudes he will go down as one of the greatest leaders in history, a world leader of great importance, can certainly take his place among the peoples of the world and just as importantly give America the great credibility that other races of people will again respect Americans for their true and independent spirit and one administrations tragic mistakes will be consigned to history, But as history’s recent past has shown American attitudes are hard to change, they are not willing to learn from their mistakes, if fact they feel they have done no wrong and feel wronged and misunderstood, but this time the world will move on with or without them, changed or not, its time open their eyes to reality, yes “Its time for change” say the election posters, and everyone, The people, government, industry, companies are now in a new world order, like it or not, they have been slowly dragged kicking and screaming into the new world, its how they handle it will dictate how the world accepts them, or rejects them, its their choice and history is not on their side.
God Bless America……


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